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Plumbing malfunctions can quickly cause damage to your home. When it comes to plumbing, experience matters. Cooper’s Plumbing & Air has more than a decade of experience and expertise. Serving the Tallahassee, FL, area, we provide complete plumbing repair and installation services.

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Signs You Need to Repair Your Sewer Line

You likely don’t think about your sewer line often — until it malfunctions. If that happens, it can cause damage to your home and put your family’s health at risk. Instead, look for these signs that can signal you need a repair:

  • Drains are slow to empty, or don’t empty at all.
  • You have multiple drains that are clogged at one time.
  • You notice a strong smell of sewage around your property.
  • You hear a bubbling sound when you use the sink or flush the toilet.
  • You notice standing water around the sewer line.
  • You have water backing up out of your tubs, toilets, and sinks.

When to Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Cleaning your own drains can be ineffective and even risky to your pipes. Instead, when you notice these signs schedule a cleaning with a professional company:

  • Slow drains: Slow drains can signal various issues, including the start of a clog, pipes that have mineral or grease buildup, or improper grading of your drainage system.
  • Recurring clogs: If you have frequent blockages in your pipes, it can mean that you’re not completely removing the entire clog each time you try to clean the drain yourself. If this happens, you need a professional to remove the blockage.
  • Multiple drains that are clogged at one time: If you have several drains that are clogged, it can signal a severe blockage in your main line.
  • Foul odor: A foul odor coming from your pipes can indicate you have food trapped in the drain, or there’s an issue with your sewer line.
  • Flooding: A sewage backup can be one of the worst issues associated with a clogged drain. If you notice flooding in your basement or near a floor drain, it can indicate a clog. It could cause the drain to stop working completely and lead to contaminated water on your floor.

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When to Replace Your Water Heater

To avoid the inconvenience of not having a functioning water heater — including taking cold showers and washing dishes in lukewarm water — it’s important to replace your unit before it completely malfunctions. Some of these signs can indicate you should consider replacing your unit:

  • Age. If you have an older unit it can be time to start looking for a replacement. Most water heaters last an estimated 10 to 20 years.
  • Losing efficiency. If your unit isn’t heating water as efficiently as it used to, or if you’ve noticed an increase in your utility bills, it can be time to replace the unit.
  • Rust and corrosion. If you notice rust or corrosion on the unit or its tank it can be time to replace it.
  • Leaking. If your unit is leaking you should seek the advice of a plumber to determine if it can be repaired or if it should be replaced.
  • Unable to drain water through the drain valve. If you notice this issue, contact a plumber to determine the cause and if the unit needs to be replaced.
  • Cracks. Any cracks should be inspected by a professional to determine if the unit should be replaced.

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