Water Line Repair and Installation Services in Tallahassee

When you have an issue with your water line, you need expert services immediately to limit the amount of damage. Call Cooper’s Plumbing & Air now!

Issues with your main water line can pose serious risks to your property. Leaks can damage the interior and exterior of your home, leading to expensive repairs. Over time, the water damage can cause mold and mildew to form if the issue isn’t caught and repaired. To avoid these complications, it’s important to call for professional assistance at the first signs of trouble with your water line. Trust Cooper’s Plumbing & Air to diagnose and repair the issue. In business for more than a decade, we proudly service the Tallahassee, FL area.

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Common Water Main Issues

Any issue with your main water line should be taken seriously, as these problems can cause severe damage to your property if left untreated. Some common problems to be on the lookout for include:

  • Holes or cracks: Over time, external corrosion from soil or frost can cause holes or cracks to form.
  • Pressure: When pipes are under pressure, it can cause them to break, resulting in water flowing out of the pipes and to the surface. This can include the street, your lawn, or even the basement of your home. This issue can lead to contaminated water in your home. Because of this, you need to stop using appliances and drinking water if this happens.
  • Leaky water valve: Leaky valves can be common problems. If you suspect you have a leak, you should contact a professional to repair or replace the valve.

If you encounter an issue with your main line, there is typically a shutoff valve that will stop the flow of water through the line in case of an emergency. This can help you limit the damage while you are waiting for a professional to arrive.

How to Detect a Leak

Water line leaks can cause damage to your flooring and walls, and can lead to mildew and mold forming. To prevent extensive damage to our home, it’s important to detect the issue as soon as possible. Following these tips can help you spot a leak as soon as it begins:

  • Mold or mildew. If you notice this growing on your walls or floor, it can signal a leak.
  • Wet spots. Any moisture on your floors or walls can indicate a leak.
  • Lush grass. If your lawn is looking lusher than usual, it can indicate a leak that’s providing extra fertilizer or moisture to your lawn.
  • Water meter. If you turn off all of your water fixtures and the water meter is still running, it can be a sign you have a leak.

The only sure way to detect a leak is to hire a professional. If you notice any of these signs, contact an expert and allow him or her to use specialized equipment to look for an issue.

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Water Main Repair and Replacement Tips

When your main water line needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s important to be informed and to follow the right steps. Use these tips to help guide you through the process:

  • Call a professional. Main lines should not be part of a DIY experiment. If you suspect you have an issue, you should immediately call an expert to diagnose and repair the issue.
  • Know the signs for a full replacement. A professional will help you determine if your system should be repaired or replaced, but there are some signs that can indicate you need a full replacement. If your home is over 50 years old or if you’ve had persistent plumbing issues for months - or even years -- you should consider a replacement.
  • Know your options. While you might be hesitant to have your system replaced because you don’t want your yard dug up, there are trenchless options. This allows you to replace the water main without digging across your entire property.
  • Be safe. For the safety of you and the experts tasked with performing the work, call 8-1-1 before any work is done on your water line to ensure there are no dangers near the pipes, such as electrical or gas lines.

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