Central Heating Services in Tallahassee

Tallahassee can be a cool place, and we want you to stay warm!

Cooper’s Plumbing & Air has been the go-to service in Tallahassee, FL for years. We are a locally owned and operated company who takes great strides to treat our clients on an individual, timely basis. We hope you’ll trust us with your business because we will take care of your needs!

We proudly offer the following heating services:

Need to talk about air conditioning instead of heating? Check out our air conditioning installation service.

What Happens if My Heater Malfunctions?

If your heater stops working, your comfort and safety are put at risk!

  • Comfort levels drop.
  • Family may become sick.
  • Can reduce indoor air quality.
  • Can cause a fire.
  • Can run up your monthly utility costs.

If you need heater repair, give us a call for timely repairs and keep your home and loved ones safe.

Does My Heater Need to be Repaired?

Sometimes it is hard to tell if your system needs to be maintained, repaired, or replaced. If you experience these signs in your heating system, it is time to have it repaired.

  • Property simply doesn’t get warmer or heat is not being evenly distributed throughout every room.
  • If your system begins to make loud and unpleasant sounds.
  • Your monthly utility bills continue to rise without any change in use.
  • Thermostat issues.
  • Leaking ductwork.

Experiencing improper airflow? Call for expert air handler repair services.

What Happens During A Maintenance Visit?

When one of our professionals comes to your home, they will shut off the power to your system while they are checking it. They will check all of the inner components individually and look for points of wear and tear. Then, they will replace any worn out parts or belts in your system to keep it running at its optimal efficiency.

Here at Cooper’s Plumbing & Air, we love servicing Tallahassee, FL and appreciate your support of local business. Call us today at (866) 464-7132!