Tallahassee’s Air Conditioning Repair Service

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At Cooper’s Plumbing & Air, we know how hot it can be in Tallahassee. Don’t leave everyone at home uncomfortable by delaying your AC repair. We make sure your system is running at its best so that you can rely on it on-demand. Call us today to schedule a maintenance, tune-up, or repair visit with one of our professionals.

Concerned about the airflow of your property? Check out our air handler service.

24/7 AC Repair at Your Fingertips

Here at Cooper’s Plumbing & Air, we want to make sure you get the best service possible on time, every time. Help us help you by preparing for a visit from one of our professionals. Here’s what to do before we arrive:

  • Clear away an entry to the problematic system so your professional can get through.
  • If you believe you have a gas leak, open doors and windows if you can, and exit the property.
  • If the property is too hot to bear, leave and find a cool place to sit before your professional arrives.

Why Should You Schedule Routine Maintenance Visits?

Your system is running okay. Nothing is broken. Your home has stayed fairly cool during a hot spell. So why would you call us? While you expect your system to run until it can’t run any longer, catching a problem before it breaks the entire system will prolong the system’s longevity and save you a lot of time and money. Here are some reasons why you should call us before your system breaks:

  • To keep your AC running efficiently and economically.
  • To help ensure healthy indoor air quality in your home.
  • To add years of function to your AC system.
  • To catch minor issues before they turn into major ones.

Even in Tallahassee, your AC should be able to keep up to your desired temperature in whatever space you need it to. But temperature isn’t our only concern–look into our air filter replacement service to keep your air quality pure.

What Are Signs That Your AC System Needs Repair?

A lot of times, property owners don’t recognize warning signs of AC problems until it is too late.
If you notice the symptoms of a struggling system listed below, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

  • You may notice that your property is no longer reaching its desired temperature or there may be a complete absence of cold air in your space.
  • You might see water collecting under your ducts or near the drain tube tof your system.
  • You may feel patches of warmer temperatures around your property, like one room being cooler than another.
  • When you begin to see an increase in your monthly cooling costs.
  • As your unit ages, it will become less efficient and may start to require more frequent repairs, when this becomes the case skilled technicians can help you to decide if replacing your unit with a newer model may be a better solution.

Cooper’s Plumbing & Air wants to help you. Call at 866-464-7132 for service in the Tallahassee, FL area.