Filter Replacement Services in Tallahassee

Have your allergies been acting up? It may be time for an AC filter replacement. Cooper's Plumbing & Air can help you breathe easier starting today!

Reduce your allergy symptoms, save on your monthly energy bill, and have an overall cleaner home when you keep up with your filter replacement. Whether it’s your furnace filter or your AC filter, you need to keep up with the replacement schedule to ensure the best performance from your HVAC system.

At Cooper’s Plumbing & Air we want your AC system to run as cleanly and as efficiently as possible, and air filter replacement is an important part of this – along with scheduling seasonal maintenance! Our professional team has been providing expert air quality solutions for homeowners in Tallahassee, FL for over 18 years, so you can trust we’ll get the job done right and quickly.

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Signs a Filter Replacement Is Needed

Are you noticing excess dust in your home and increased allergy symptoms? Your AC filter may be the culprit. Your filter is the first line of defense not only for the air inside your home but also for your HVAC system as well. While many homeowners know when to replace the air filter, other times you need some helpful tips. Call for a filter replacement if:

  • You notice your unit has become less efficient
  • There’s a decrease in your indoor air quality
  • Allergies and respiratory issues are becoming more of an issue
  • The smell in your home is less than ideal
  • There’s excess dust on surfaces

At Cooper’s Plumbing & Air we take the time to inspect your HVAC system and find the best filter for your home needs. Not all filters are created equal, and some are better for certain situations. Depending on your respiratory health, the size of your home, and any pets you have, you may need a different filter. Our pros work specifically with your home in mind to find the best solution.

The Benefits of Frequent Care

A clogged filter makes for an inefficient system. When the air filter is clogged with dust, dirt, and grime, your furnace and air conditioner have to work twice as hard to move air through your home. When working twice as hard, your energy bills increase, as does your carbon footprint.

A dirty filter also allows dust, dander and even mold to keep circulating through your home. This means your family will be subjected to breathing these things in, which can make asthma, allergies and other respiratory concerns much worse. A clean air filter traps these contaminants, so your family can breathe free.

While a dirty and clogged filter doesn’t always lead to system failure, it does lead to costly maintenance. Routine air filter replacement can also help avoid a malfunction in blowers and ductwork. Plus, a clean air filter ultimately cuts down on the amount of dust in your home, leaving your home cleaner!

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How Often Should You Replace Your Filter?

As a rule of thumb, most professional recommend every other month for an AC filter replacement. However, the answer for how frequently you should change your filter depends on the demand that is placed on your filter and the types you use. Factors like your location, pets, and home size can all impact the frequency of filter replacement, which is why working with a professional is always helpful.

At Cooper’s Plumbing & Air we are your filter replacement experts. From evaluating your system to finding you the perfect HVAC filter, you can count on our staff to help keep the air inside your home clean!

Ensure that you’re doing what’s best for your home and HVAC system, contact Cooper's Plumbing & Air at (866) 464-7132 to help evaluate your home’s air conditioner filter replacement needs!