Join the Cooper Club Today!

Our Cooper Club Program provides a low cost, hassle-free maintenance program designed to keep your air conditioning and heating systems clean, safe, and running efficiently. Each plan covers two full-service maintenance visits per year. Cooper Club Programs can even be customized to include filter changing or cleaning, UV light replacement, and any other services you would like performed on a regular basis.

Cooper’s Plumbing & Air takes care of it all. We call to schedule your regular services at times that are convenient for you. We also maintain records for each of your systems, keeping track of all scheduled maintenance and any repairs or warranty services performed.

Regular Cooper Club Programs include:

  • Two cleanings & inspections of your outside condenser, compressor, fan, contacts, and lines per year
  • Two inspections the inside blower, evaporator coil, drain pan and lines per year
  • Test of heating system and pilot light during the Fall service
  • Testing of freon levels and cooling functions during Spring service.

As a Cooper Club member, you also receive expedited service for emergencies and 15% off all repairs (labor and parts). Cooper’s Plumbing & Air is happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for a program that suits your specific needs.

Give the friendly staff at Cooper’s Plumbing & Air a call today at (866)-464-7132 to request a free quote and more information about the Cooper Club preventative maintenance program.