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Partnership RequestCoopers Heating and Air is always looking for new and exciting organizations to partner with. If you’re a non-profit looking for sponsorship or an advertising venue wanting to showcase your benefits, please let us know.


How Can We Work With You?

We appreciate you thinking of us and wanting to create a partnership; however, we have an enormous amount of requests for donations and advertisements. We fill as many donations as possible and advertise wherever we can generate a return on our investment. We do not necessarily donate or advertise with the same organizations each year to spread the generosity across our service area as much as possible. In addition to donations and ads, we participate in as many activities as we can each year.

We will review each request, and notify the contact from the organization that we will be able to grant a request from. Please make your request as early as possible with a minimum of 60 days before the deadline. Not all requests may be catered within the year but will be definitely reviewed on the succeeding year, should the need still exist.

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