100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Cooper’s we pledge that if the performance of the system is not what we said it would be at the time of initial assessment of your home, then we will make it right. We will go through the process of completing heat loads on every home to make sure the system is sized and properly set up for every job. If a component fails,we will make unlimited trips to make necessary repairs at no charge. If we cannot repair a recurring issue, we will replace the failing component housing (air handler, condenser, or furnace) at no charge, if the replacement component fails and we are unable to correct the recurring issue, you may request a refund of purchase price less 25% restocking fee within one year of the new component install. Please submit any recurring issue in writing in order to take advantage of this 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee Is void if duct work recommendations are rejected by the home owner, an addition is made on the home or if walls are moved, added, or removed. Heat load is changed cutting down trees shading home, adding lg windows or appliances.

Conditions not covered in 100% satisfaction guarantee:

  • Water leaks
  • Air flow issues unless duct work was completely replaced
  • Noise nuisance
  • Recurring issues not submitted in writing
  • Issues arising outside of original install agreement
  • Non reoccurring issues
  • Damage to structures due to operating system during failures causing water leaks
  • Issues arising due to abuse or neglect of maintenance• Issues arising from not following manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule
  • Temperature satisfaction without proper insulation or duct work
  • Improper use of equipment including thermostat
  • If unit is operational as designed by the manufacturer
  • High power bills

To invoke the 100% satisfaction guarantee, customer must:

  • Agree that issue was not fixed after failed attempts per above guidelines
  • Remedy must be within the original scope of job
  • Must allow 15 business days for remedy to be completed
  • Refund will be less 25% restocking fee
  • If equipment is under an extended labor warranty, an additional $450 will be deducted from refund.

Other services warranties:

  • General repairs – 2 years parts and labor
  • Drain line clearing – 30 days
  • Labor – 1 year from original install date

To find out more about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee please contact our office directly!