Air Conditioning Services in Tallahassee

Don’t settle for a hot and sticky home when your AC system malfunctions. Call Cooper’s Plumbing & Air for air conditioning services in the Tallahassee, FL area.

The hot Florida temperatures and high humidity can make for uncomfortable conditions — especially when your AC unit isn’t functioning properly. Don’t settle for an uncomfortable home – call Cooper’s Plumbing & Air for complete repair and installation services in the Tallahassee, FL area. In business for more than a decade, we bring experience and expertise to every job.

We offer a full range of AC solutions:

How Do I Get My AC Rebate?

Need to file a consumer rebate claim?

Visit and follow the prompts to complete your claim form.

When your AC system malfunctions in the middle of a heat wave, contact us to learn about our 24-hour emergency service offerings.

Signs You Need a New AC System

When your air conditioning system malfunctions it can be difficult to determine when you need a repair and when the unit should be replaced. Take a look at some signs that can indicate you need a new system installed:

  • Your air conditioner is more than 15 years old.
  • You unit is less efficient – resulting in higher utility bills.
  • You home or building is not reaching a desirable temperature.
  • You unit has needed frequent — and multiple — repairs.
  • You system needs a major repair, such as a new motor or compressor.
  • You unit is leaking.
  • You’ve noticed strange sounds coming from your unit, which could indicate an issue with your motor.
  • Cold air is coming out of the unit, but it’s not blowing as strongly as it should.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important

Let’s face it, you don’t want to get caught with a malfunctioning AC unit in the middle of summer. One way to avoid unexpected breakdowns is by performing regular maintenance on your unit. Some benefits of scheduling regular tune-ups with professionals include:

  • It keeps the system running efficiently and economically.
  • It helps provide maximum climate control in your home or property.
  • It helps to ensure you have healthy indoor air quality.
  • It can make sure your unit is functioning properly and safely to protect you and your loved ones.
  • It can help catch minor issues before they turn into major ones.

Are you looking for a more energy-efficient cooling system? Learn about ductless mini split AC systems.

What to Expect During Routine AC Maintenance Visits

Routine maintenance and tune-up services are important to the longevity of your AC system and its overall performance. When you schedule an appointment, you can expect the contractor to perform the following tasks:

  • Make sure that your system has the correct amount of refrigerant, as well as check for any leaks.
  • Inspect your air ducts for excessive debris and potential leaks.
  • Check to make sure the proper amount of air is flowing through your evaporator coil. He or she will also examine the coil to determine if there are any other issues.
  • Verify the correct electric control sequence is being used, and ensure that cooling and heating sequences are not operating at the same time.
  • Inspect the electric terminals and apply a non-conductive coating if needed.
  • Apply oil to the motors, check the belts and inspect all other working components.
  • Inspect your thermostat to ensure it is working properly.

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Don’t risk getting stuck without a functioning air conditioning system during hot and humid temperatures. Call Cooper’s Plumbing & Air at (866) 464-7132 for complete AC services in the Tallahassee, FL area.