Tallahassee’s Best Ductless Mini Split AC

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We know you’ve got things to do…and we know how hard it can be to get things done when it is just too hot. No matter where you need to get the job done well, our professionals will come through for you in providing the best options the industry has to offer. Call Cooper’s Plumbing & Air today for top-quality service and to learn more about mini split ac installation.

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What Are Ductless Mini-Splits Good For?

We want to make sure you get the best option for meeting your needs. Check out the list below to see if a mini-split is the way you should go.

  • Cheaper bills: The main perk of a ductless mini split AC system is increased efficiency, which means lower monthly energy costs.
  • Zoned cooling: A ductless mini split AC system allows you to set various temperatures in every room throughout a home or business.
  • Easy to install: These quick, low maintenance systems do not require ductwork, making installation fast and simple with minimal alterations to your property.
  • Quiet operation: Ductless mini split AC systems operate quietly. Some traditional air conditioning units can make excessive noise, but you won’t hear a ductless.
  • Small: These units are very sleek and can be installed virtually anywhere, typically on a wall or ceiling.

What Is the Best Way to Maintain My Unit?

While it doesn’t take much to maintain mini split systems, a few small preventative measures can go a long way with the longevity of your unit.

  • Change filters: Changing filters each month in a ductless mini split AC system can reduce electric bills while keeping customers cool and comfortable.
  • Inspect Regularly: Keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule on a property’s ductless mini split AC system is a great way to ensure that the device runs at its best.
  • Check interior components: During a routine maintenance visit, professionals will make sure all the moving parts are running correctly.

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What Are Possible Problems I Might Have With my Mini-Split?

We want you to know up front the best practices and possible rubbing points with the unit. If they are well taken care of and maintained, ductless units are very reliable.

  • Poor airflow: Ductless mini split AC systems need to be cleaned regularly for clean airflow and faster cooling throughout every room. We recommend a routine cleaning at least once a year to guarantee maximum efficiency.
  • Inadequate cooling: This type of air conditioner requires refrigerant refills on occasion to maintain cool air when the system is in operation.
  • Damaged fan: A faulty or broken fan can prevent the system from distributing cooled air properly.
  • Hot and cold spots: When customers have issues with hot and cold spots in a home or building, we check the system’s settings first. Cold and hot spots in homes and businesses are typically a result of having poor insulation around doors and windows, not the heating and cooling system.

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