Air Duct Cleaning & Repair Services in Tallahassee

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The ductwork in your home is responsible for distributing air throughout your property. When it’s not properly cared for or cleaned, it’s transporting much more than that as well. Your air ducts are home to plenty of dust and other pollutants that could affect the air in your home. This is why opting for air duct cleaning and repair services can go a long way to help your home.

At Cooper's Plumbing & Air we are your air duct experts. We offer a range of services, including cleaning and duct sealing, but can also help you repair and install new air ducts as needed. With over 18 years of experience and the best technicians in the Tallahassee, FL area, you can count on us for your home’s HVAC needs.

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Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning services involve cleaning debris from all ducts, registers, grills and other components of a forced air system. The ducts are located behind walls and above the ceiling, meaning the only way to clean them effectively is by using a high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum and compression system.

We recommend frequent cleaning if you have pets or you’re sensitive to indoor air quality. Also, if you’ve recently had your house renovated, you should have your ducts cleaned as renovation work increases the amount of dust in your forced air system.

Aside from creating a cleaner, fresher living environment, air duct cleaning services also:

  • Reduce allergens and irritants
  • Boosts energy efficiency
  • Protect your environment
  • Increases the airflow in your home

The Importance of Professional Ductwork Installation

When it comes to heating and AC, most homeowners think about the system itself. They dread that expensive replacement cost of changing out the unit, however, the ductwork is just as important. Ductwork installation is one of the most important aspects of the entire setup and without a properly designed system, your new unit won’t be able to distribute the air throughout your home.

This is also important for homeowners looking at renovation projects. You need to be sure that your ductwork is able to heat or cool all areas of your home, or you could be cutting down the lifespan of your system. When you work with our pros at Cooper's Plumbing & Air, we take the time to understand your needs and the layout of your home. By designing a ductwork system specifically with your square-footage in mind, you can make the most of your air duct installation project!

Worried that your AC is the problem? Ask our technicians about the benefits of new air conditioner installation on your next air duct cleaning.

Duct Repair and Duct Sealing

Even if your ductwork installation is concrete and ducts are properly sized, holes or leaks in your ductwork can still ruin your HVAC efficiency – sometimes by 30% or more! If you can see holes or gaps in your ducts, or if you see insulation inside your vents, call Cooper's Plumbing & Air. We provide duct repairs to make your home more comfortable and drastically improve your HVAC system’s efficiency.

We also offer duct sealing, which can go a long way to keeping more of the air inside of your ductwork and in your home!

At Cooper's Plumbing & Air we provide whole house ductwork repair and diagnosis. If you’re looking for a Tallahassee, FL air duct cleaning company you can trust, call us at (866) 464-7132.