Whole Home Air Filtration Services in Tallahassee

Air is one of the most important things in life. Don’t neglect it. Let us keep your home’s HVAC system clean for your best quality of life.

Hot, cold, or anywhere in between, we want to make sure you are exactly where you want to be. Here are Cooper’s Air & Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients all across the Tallahassee, FL region. Whether you want us to fix it, replace it, or upgrade it, we have the know-how and the options to provide you with the best-suited system for your needs.

Another way to improve your air quality is with our air handler service. We do everything we can to get the job done right.

Why Should I Have an Air Filter in My Home?

Air filters are an essential part of keeping the air quality of your home or office pure. Here are some major benefits of regularly replacing your air filter.

  • Reduced allergens.
  • Improved overall air quality for people with asthma.
  • Lower humidity.
  • Cleaner smell of the interior atmosphere.
  • Cigarette smoke dispersion.
  • Depletion of airborne bacteria and germs that can result in colds and flus.

What Are My Choices of Filters?

Choosing the right HVAC filter can be confusing, so we’ve outlined the different types for you! If you still need help, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us help.

  • Ionic: Generates negative ions that capture positive ions including dust and allergen particles. These filters are very affordable and work best for smoke reduction.
  • HEPA: Were originally developed to remove radioactive dust particles from the air and are now used to reduce contaminants such as mold, dust-mite debris, pet dander, bacteria, and even pollen.
  • UV: Ultraviolet light air filters destroy microorganisms altogether and do the best job at preventing illness and disease caused by bacteria.
  • Carbon: Is the most absorbent filter and has the advantage of reducing odors and fumes without releasing any of the contaminants back into the air.

Still interested in air quality? Check out our humidifier and dehumidifier services to see what best suits your needs.

What Do I Gain by Getting my Air Filters Cleaned?

While it is common to overlook air filters, here at Cooper’s Plumbing & Air we believe in providing the best service possible. This is a real concern, and we want you and your loved ones to live in the safety and comfort of pure air. In addition to that, clean air filters aid the function of your system.

  • EPA documentation states that indoor air quality is 70% more polluted than outdoor air. The indoor air quality is improved when the filters are replaced regularly. People in property will be healthier.
  • Lower utility bills.
  • Helps to extend the life of your unit.
  • Eliminates dust around your home.

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