Backflow Testing & Certification Services in Tallahassee

Backflow testing oversees the health and safety systems designed to protect water purity. Has your Tallahassee, FL home been tested? Cooper's Plumbing & Air can help!

The risk for water to flow backward into the water system and become contaminated is greatly increased when the pressure in your water system isn't maintained. In short and simple terms, backflow testing is vital to our health and having a backflow prevention device in place is key to keeping dirty water from external water sources like pools and storm drains from flowing backward into clean, uncontaminated water into the home.

Our team at Cooper's Plumbing & Air is trained and licensed to install, test, repair and provide documented backflow certification of all types of backflow prevention devices. Our technicians are polite, friendly, arrive on-time and are background and drug tested for your peace of mind. We also operate 24-hours a day so when you need us most, we’ll be there for you. For all our work you are assured of option pricing; you will know the repair options we suggest and the price of each option before we do any work.

A leading cause of backflow is water main issues. Be sure you get reliable water main repair to help protect your home from backflow contamination.

What Is Backflow?

In its simplest form, backflow occurs when the direction of your water flow reverses, allowing wastewater to pull back into your plumbing. The dirty water can contain any number of harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and even human waste making it an extremely dangerous situation for your home. Anytime there is a cross-connection between clean water and dirty water the chance of a back-flow exists.

Backflow preventers are required at any cross-connections in residential, commercial, or industrial water systems. Depending on the diameter and how complicated the installed backflow preventer is, coincides with the specific back-flow risks that each situation presents. Bottom line, backflow preventers are the key to protecting the clean water supply and most need to be tested annually.

Backflow Testing & Backflow Prevention

A backflow preventer works as a check valve. Similar to the radiator cap on a car, these spring-loaded valves are forced open with the normal pressure of the water flow into your home. Anytime the pressure drops or if the flow of water reverses, like during a backflow emergency, the valve closes, keeping that dirty water from entering your home.

Whether it’s caused by floodwater, construction damage, or some kind of breakage on the main water line, a backflow prevention device is the best way to keep your plumbing safe. Because backflow issues are generally unexpected, keeping up to date with your backflow testing is essential.

Our plumbers will pressure test your device to ensure that it’s working properly. Once your device passes testing, you’ll have a backflow certificate proving that your device is working according to standard. At Cooper's Plumbing & Air we make the entire process simple and convenient.

Backflow can also be caused by burst pipe emergencies. You can count on our plumbers to arrive on time to solve your issues quickly, protecting your home in the process.

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Backflow systems should be inspected annually to verify their proper operation, backflow testing is normally considered mandatory with enforcement actions possible against owners who do not complete the system testing promptly. At Cooper's Plumbing & Air we are your partners for a safe plumbing system. From checking your prevention device to helping you deal with emergency situations, you can count on our plumbing pros for help!

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