Bainbridge AC Refrigerant Leak Repair

If your AC isn’t feeling as cold as it used to, we can help you with freon recharge and refrigerant leak repair!

Refrigerant is an important component in cooling the air inside of your home. Without it, the air that blows into your home would be warm and muggy. That’s why, if you have a refrigerant leak or need a top-up, you can be feeling the sweaty effects already. Call the Cooper’s Plumbing & Air team for your refrigerant and freon services. We are the Bainbridge, GA HVAC experts whose number one priority is to keep you comfortable!

Our warranties give homeowners peace of mind that they will get to enjoy the effects of their repairs or installations long after we leave their home. We offer flat-rate pricing so you never have to be confused about what your repair is going to cost you. When you need professional service, call our team!

Broken or dirty evaporator coils can affect your ACs performance. Get it back up and running with evaporator coil service.

What Is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is what your AC uses to cool the air in your home. It can come in liquid or gas form. Its function is to absorb heat from the atmosphere, making it possible for your AC to produce cool air. When refrigerant works together with your evaporator coils and the other components found in your air handler, you can expect to enjoy the cool, crisp air you know and love.

There are several types and brands of refrigerant. If you have done your research, you may be familiar with R-22 refrigerant. The reason it’s so important to know this is because R-22 refrigerant is being slowly phased out of use due to federal regulations. If you’re not sure what type of refrigerant your AC uses, call us. We can inspect your system and let you know how these changes will affect you.

Signs You Have a Refrigerant Leaks

When you have a refrigerant leak, it’s important that you schedule AC refrigerant leak repair. This is because without refrigerant, your whole AC will be out of whack and it will affect your comfort. Here are some signs you have a refrigerant leak:

  • Reduced or no cooling power
  • A hissing noise escaping from your AC
  • The air from your vents is not blowing cool
  • High electric bills
  • Frozen or frosty coils

If you notice any of these issues, it’s likely you have a refrigerant leak on your hands. Don’t worry, our expert team can top your system up quickly so that you can continue enjoying the cool comfort of your Bainbridge home.

If your air handler is suddenly giving you issues, we provide air handler repair service.

Recharging Your AC

If your AC isn’t blowing cold, you may be wondering if you need freon replacement. When you have a leak, a freon recharge is necessary to get your AC blowing cool again. Recharging isn’t exactly what it sounds like. When technicians use the term recharge, what they really mean is that your AC needs a refrigerant refill.

You should always call a professional for a refill after your AC has malfunctioned or started acting strangely. When we perform any maintenance or air handler related repair, we will check on your refrigerant levels to make sure they’re where they need to be. If you have a leak, you may also need to repair a component of your AC and refill your system. Luckily, the expert technicians at Cooper’s Plumbing & Air can handle the whole process for you.

Cooper’s Plumbing & Air in Bainbridge, GA are experts at keeping you cool. Schedule your refrigerant refill or leak repair today with one of our courteous technicians when you call 866-464-7132.