Bainbridge Air Handler Services

An air handler is the delivery system of your home’s cooling and heating. Keep it in top shape when you call us!

A properly functioning air handler is vital to your AC’s functioning. If your air handler doesn’t work, it’s likely you won’t be cool or comfortable in your home. If you’re unsure whether you have an air handler issue, call the professionals at Cooper’s Plumbing & Air. We can explain to you what your air handler does and provide you with repairs, installations, and maintenance.

When you have an air handler issue and need air handler replacement, you can count on us for reliable service in Bainbridge, GA. Our technicians are licensed and trained so you can feel confident that you’re receiving top quality service.

Humidifiers are a great option for homeowners looking for soothing air in their homes. Contact us for humidifier installation.

What Is an Air Handler?

If you have a heat pump or central AC systems, an air handler is the component of your system that is found indoors. Other components include the outdoor compressor. This indoor air handler serves an important function. Your air handler is in charge of delivering conditioned air into your home. When your air handler is properly installed and functioning, it efficiently circulates air throughout your home’s ductwork.

You can find your air handler in your basement, attic, or closet. It resembles a square furnace. An air handler is one vital component of your HVAC system. If you leave an issue ignored for too long, it could cause issues with your HVAC unit as a whole and you will feel the uncomfortable effects of a broken air handler. If you think you might have an air handler issue, call us. Cooper’s Plumbing & Air can help you identify where the problem lies and offer you tailored solutions.

What Is the Difference Between an Air Handler and an AC Unit?

Sometimes, people may use the terms “air handler” and “Air conditioner” interchangeably. An air handler isn’t the same thing as an AC system. Instead, an air handler is a component of your AC unit. Air handlers run with your air conditioner and acts as the delivery system into your home. Air handlers contain some main component parts such as the indoor coil.

An air conditioner is generally the part of your system found outside the home. Air conditioners don’t cool air that already exists in your home, rather, it pulls heat from the inside of your home and pushes it out. Your HVAC system is made up of many complex parts that all work together to keep you comfortable in your home. If you think you have an HVAC issue but just aren’t sure what the problem is, give us a call. We can inspect your whole HVAC issue to determine if it’s an air handler issue or something else.

Ductless mini split AC installation is a great option for homeowners looking for space and energy savings.

Air Handler Repair & Installation

If your air handler has sudden problems that are getting in the way of cooling your home, we can help you with repairs. There are some common issues that are bound to happen with your air handler. Here are some issues you may experience:

  • Dirty or clogged filters
  • Blower motor failure
  • Blocked vents and air ways
  • Poor airflow

If you have any of these issues, it’s likely you’re in need of air handler repair. These issues can cause your system to work less efficiently and don’t benefit your home at all. If you think your air handler is beyond repair, we offer air handler replacement and installation across Bainbridge and the surrounding areas. Proper installation of a new air handler will mean boosted performance, high efficiency, and clean air.

Don’t suffer through the discomfort of a broken air handler, call Cooper’s Plumbing & Air in Bainbridge, GA today at 866-464-7132 to schedule air handler repair, installation, or maintenance.