Bainbridge Home Repiping Service

Repiping is a big job! Call the experts when you want professional home repiping.

The pipes in your home serve a variety of purposes and if you’re experiencing problems such as slab leaks, low water pressure, or corroding drains, it could have a lot to do with your pipes. These are just a few of the reasons you may be considering whole-home repiping. Don’t trust this big job to an inexperienced plumber - call Cooper’s Plumbing & Air.

Our expertly trained technicians in Bainbridge, GA will work quickly so that your daily routine isn’t interrupted by the repiping process. Trust our friendly experts to get the job done right, all at a price you can afford.

Leaky pipes can damage your home. Call us for water leak detection service.

When Should I Repipe?

A whole house repipe is a big job. This is why you want to be sure you need repiping services. There are many reasons a homeowner may consider repiping. Here are some common signs that it’s time to repipe:

  • Bad Tasting/Smelling Water: If the water coming from your pipes has a foul odor or taste, it could be due to the piping itself. Deteriorating or corroding pipes can cause this issue.
  • Corrosion: Corroded pipes can cause a host of issues including water leaks that can damage your home.
  • Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure could be a sign that you have an issue with your pipes.

Benefits of New PEX Piping

When you repipe your home, there are a lot of considerations to make about which material is best for your home. Our expert technicians will explain to you what kinds of options are available for your repiping job. All materials are not created equal, so it’s important to know the pros and cons of different piping materials.

One common type of piping that has become a popular choice for homeowners is PEX piping. PEX piping is flexible, scale resistant, resilient, and easier to install than similar metal or plastic piping, PEX piping is not prone to pinholes or corrosion making it a great choice for homeowners who want long lasting solutions. You can trust that our team in Bainbridge will only provide you with the highest quality materials for a lasting result.

Slab leak issues can be a huge inconvenience. Never fear, the experts at Cooper’s Plumbing & Air can assist you with slab leak repair.

What to Expect During a Repipe

Many homeowners are under the impression that a whole home repipe will make it impossible to use the facilities in their home. At Cooper’s Plumbing & Air, our trained technicians understand how important it is to ensure you have access to running water on a daily basis. When you schedule a whole home repipe, you are usually replacing all of the piping in your home.

After a technician helps you decide which material is best for you, the installation process will begin. You can expect your water service to be interrupted for only a few hours of the day as repiping can be done in small segments until the job is complete.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy plumbing company to handle your repiping job, consider Cooper’s Plumbing & Air in Bainbridge, GA. We strive to provide you with excellent service and complete all of our jobs using high quality materials. Call today at 866-464-7132 to schedule your service.