Bainbridge Backflow Testing & Certification

Clean, drinkable water is a vital part of your everyday routine. Don’t skip out on backflow testing!

Think about all of the times you poured yourself a cup of water from your faucet or refrigerator without thinking twice about whether your water was safe enough to drink. For the most part, the water supply to your home provides you with potable water. But what should you do if you have a suspicion that your water isn’t as clean as it should be? Cooper’s Plumbing & Air performs reliable backflow testing and certification in Bainbridge, GA.

Customers love our team because we offer the best guarantees in town and our technicians are always licensed and trained. We work hard fixing your plumbing issues so that you don’t have to. Let us show you why our customers always come back to us for their plumbing services.

Clean, fresh, great tasting water can be yours with water filtration system services.

What Is Backflow and Why Should I Be Testing?

Before you schedule your backflow prevention services with Cooper’s Plumbing & Air, you may be wondering exactly what backflow is and why you should be testing for it. Backflow is when non-potable water or other substances enters into the piping of a public water source or a private homeowner’s potable water system.

To put it simply, backflow can spell disaster for your potable water supply. That’s where backflow testing comes in. Backflow testing is a plumbing procedure which tests your water to make sure that your water supply isn’t contaminated by foreign substances that can make your water undrinkable. If your pipes are subjected to any pressure changes, you should call us right away as we can inspect your water supply to see if it has been compromised.

Causes of Backflow

In order to know if you need backflow certification and testing, you may want to first know what causes backflow so that you can be prepared to recognize the signs when it happens. Once you’re able to recognize the signs, you can give us a call for backflow repairs. Here are some causes of backflow:

  • Sudden drops in water pressure
  • Broken water mains or opened fire hydrants
  • Uneven pressure in cross-connections

When backflow occurs because of pressure changes, your water line will suck water from unhealthy sources including toilets, dishwashers, pools, washing machines, lawn sprinklers, and more. Don’t risk drinking this sort of water! If you notice any strange changes in pressure, smeel, odor, or taste of your water, call us for backflow testing in the Bainbridge area.

Sewer line damage can cause a host of problems, including a raw sewage leak. Contact us for sewer line repair.

Backflow Prevention Device Installation

Now that you understand the importance of backflow testing and certification, you may be wondering if there’s anyway you can prevent this from happening in your home. Luckily, there are options. Homeowners have two options when it comes to backflow prevention:

  • Air Gaps: An air gap entails leaving a space between where water is collected and the device that connects to your plumbing system such as faucets or taps.
  • Backflow Prevention Device: Another popular option is a backflow prevention device. There are backflow prevention valves which are installed at connections in your system that are prone to backflow.

Whichever option you choose, our experienced technicians always recommend scheduling regular backflow testing to ensure that your home is always being supplied with clean, drinkable water.

Cooper’s Plumbing & Air in Bainbridge, GA understands the importance of having easy access to potable water. When you choose us for your backflow testing and certification, you can feel confident that you have a supply of clean water. Call us today at 866-464-7132 to schedule your service.