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Little Water Leak - Big Problem

Water Leak Detection in Tallahassee

When it comes to water leaks, most people assume that small water leaks are not important. It’s completely okay to ignore a small water leak until it becomes a larger, more problematic leak, right? Wrong! A water leak, big or small, can have a major impact on your home and health.

If you’re not sure what type of effect it can have on you, then this article is here to help! We will prove to you that small water leaks are just as important to fix as larger water leaks and why you should make it a priority to fix any water leak - big or small.

Health and Structural Issues

healthissuesThe top two unpleasant (and even dangerous) results of water leaks are mold and fungal growth and structural damage. Mold and fungal growth in your home can be hazardous - not to mention smelly.

Spores can live dormant in dry areas for a very long time. As soon as water is introduced to the spores, they begin to multiply and grow, forming even more spores and unsightly, unsafe mold and fungus.

Even the smallest water leak can trigger spores and begin a mold and fungus problem in your home. The health issues that can arise because of mold and fungus are incredibly irritating. One small water leak can trigger spore growth that causes irritating symptoms like nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, and fits of coughing and sneezing.

Additionally, infants and children that grow up in houses full of mold and fungus have an increased chance of developing asthma. Furthermore, structural damage decreases the value of your home at an exponential rate. Small water leaks can cause just as much damage as a large water leak, and they often go ignored for so long because they are small.

At this point, in addition to the health issues that can arise from the mold and fungal spores in your home, you will be dealing with staining, discoloration, and streaks on your ceiling and walls as a result of water leaks.

Saving Money

moneysavingsIn addition, the money that is wasted from even a small water leak adds up. Think of the money savings that you will benefit from by fixing leaks as they start and not waiting months or even years until they become an extremely costly problem. Water costs add up fast.

Think of the money savings that will result from not having to visit doctors constantly because of your family’s growing asthma symptoms and chronic allergy suffering. A little water leak turns into a big problem very fast.

Who Fixes Leaks?

whofixesleaksHowever, all hope is not lost! Who fixes leaks? Plumbers do. Call Cooper's Plumbing & Air. Whether your leak is in your kitchen, bathroom, washroom, or any other place in your home, we are your answer.

Instead of ignoring small water leaks or waiting until they become bigger problems, call us for a quick fix that is bound to be cheaper than waiting until your entire water line busts!

Between running toilets and leaky faucets, plumbers are kept in business with small water leaks. Contrary to popular belief, most leaks that plumbers address are small and seemingly inconsequential. Ask any plumber, though, and he or she will tell you - small leaks need fixing, too!

So, get on your phone and give Cooper's Plumbing & Air a call. We can help you get your water leaks under control, so you can be well on your way to money savings and healthy living at a fraction of the cost of living with a water leak.