Plumbing Services in Climax

When plumbing emergencies occur at you home, you need assistance ASAP. Call for 24-hour service in the Climax, GA area.

Cooper's Plumbing & Air - Plumbing services in Climax, GA

You shouldn’t put off repairing plumbing issues. While problems might start small, they can soon cause large amounts of damage to your home. That’s why you need immediate help. Serving local clients for more than a decade, Cooper’s Plumbing & Air provides 24-hour plumbing services to the Climax, GA area.

We offer complete plumbing services to the Climax, GA area:

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Burst Pipe Repair
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Water Heater Services
  • Tankless Water Heater Services
  • Clogged Toilet Repair
  • Sewer Line Repairs
  • Gas Leak Detection

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Why Burst Pipes Can Result in a Plumbing Emergency

Burst pipes can cause a plumbing emergency that should be repaired immediately. While a small amount of moisture might escape from the damaged area, it will continue to enlarge. Shortly, hundreds of gallons of water can fill the lower levels of your home. It can eventually seep into the walls, insulation and electrical wiring. This can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause poor indoor air quality in your property.

When You Should Replace Your Water Heater

Water heaters are vital to your home, as you need hot water to bathe and wash dishes. Therefore, it’s important to replace it before it malfunctions completely. These signs can indicate that it’s time to replace your unit:

  • Age. If your unit is getting older, it can be more cost-efficient to replace it.
  • Losing efficiency. If your utility bill continues to increase, it can be a result of an inefficient water heater.
  • Rust and corrosion. If you see signs of rust and corrosion, it can signal your unit needs to be replaced.
  • Leaking. Any leaks should be inspected by a plumber to determine if the unit can be repaired or replaced.
  • Water is not warm enough. If you notice a lack of hot water it can signal it’s time to replace the unit.
  • Cracks. Any cracks should be inspected by a plumber to determine if the water heater can be repaired or replaced.

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Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Before you get stuck showering in standing water, or smelling a stinky kitchen sink, you should have your drains professionally cleaned. Some signs that can indicate you need professional services include:

  • Slow drains: Slow drains can indicate you have the early stages of a clogged pipe, pipes that have narrowed due to mineral or grease build up, or improper grading of your drainage system.
  • Recurring clogs: If you have recurring clogs, you are likely not removing the entire blockage when you clean it yourself. Instead, you should have a professional remove the blockage.
  • Multiple drains that are clogged at the same time: If you have several drains that are clogged, it could indicate a severe blockage deep within your main line.
  • Foul odor: Foul odors can signal food trapped in your drain, or a major issue with your sewer line.
  • Flooding: One of the biggest risks with a clogged drain is a sewage backup. If you notice evidence of flooding in your basement or near a floor drain, it could indicate a clog. It can also mean eventually the drain will stop working completely and you could end up with contaminated water on the floor.

When you have a plumbing issue that needs immediate service, call Cooper’s Plumbing & Air at (866) 464-7132 for 24-hour plumbing services in the Climax, GA area.