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How to Know When a Faulty Water Heater is Affecting Your Home

Is a Faulty Water Heater Affecting Your Home? How to Know

Water heaters can be found in almost every home and are a modern convenience that allows hot water to be accessed at any time, day or night on demand. If the water heater goes out it can be a hassle since there will not be hot water for bathing and washing up.

In this article, an overview is given on the warning signs that a faulty water heater may be affecting your home. If the water is cold and will not warm up, this is the first clear sign that there may be something wrong with your water heater but it is not the only sign. After reading this article you will be better prepared to investigate what is wrong with your faulty water heater.

Noisy Water Heater May be the First Sign of Problems

noisy water heaterIf there are strange noises coming from the water heater this may be one of the first warning signs. Faulty water heaters may make a variety of strange noises as they struggle to heat the water with failing parts. If the water heating is significantly more noisy than usual there is probably something wrong with it.

Sediment at the bottom of the heater may collect over time and rumble around inside of the heater. These sediments are a problem because they can block up the parts and ruin the operation of the machine. Flushing out the water heater regularly can prevent sediment from building up inside, and keep you from having to deal with a noisy water heater

What To Do About Colored Water

If the water is coming out a funny color, be sure not to consume it, and also there is probably something wrong with the water heater. Sediments that have built up in the water heater could make the water have an off-color and the heater may need to be flushed out. If the water is a rusty color it is often from minerals and rust from the water heater and/or pipes.

colored water

If the water heater is corroding it can turn the water rust-colored or brown. Calling a specialist is the next step to take after noticing dirty water, as you can not go for long without water and will need to get it fixed. The color of the water is probably caused by Iron which is harmless, but unless you are sure that is the mineral in the water it should not be considered safe to consume discolored water.

Taste of Metallic Water

metallic waterA metallic taste in the water can indicate that the water heater has corroded on the inside, causing a metallic taste to leak and linger into the water. Rusty spots on the inside of the heater can flake off into the water and cause it to have a minerally/metallic taste. A filter may be able to hide the taste of the metallic water, but it could be dangerous to consume.

Flushing out the hot water heater may or may not eliminate the taste of metal, and if not a plumber should be called to investigate the problem further. In addition to tasting different, metallic water may have a different smell.

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