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Since this will be my first blog I, Michael Jarrett, will cover the idea behind this blog. The goal here is to use our experience to help find information that we have been able to build over all the experiences of our lives. I have worked in many different places and industries all to learn this simple truth: I am here to serve. There are a ton of things I want to share, and they will fall into three major categories; information on general contractors, industry specific information, and useful tips and tricks. I will also share information I read that I find useful in my own life.

General contractors can be a subject that is hard for all of us. I remember early on needing a roof replaced on my house, and I had no idea how to even get a bid. I had five people come out and give me a bid, after finding roofers in the phone book. Once I narrowed it down to two people I did an internet search and found out one of them was registered as a sex offender. As the father of three children I felt awful for not doing my homework and knowing what to look for. I will help you weave in and out of the troubling waters of how to not put yourself, and your family at risk.

Industry specific information we will dive into things that the customers have told us they are interested in over the last 15 years. How do indoor air quality products work? Why do I want them? We will discuss energy savings that you may not realize are there. What can I expect the payback on insulation be? I will also discuss the benefits and differences between duct sealing, duct cleaning, and duct replacement. Plus many other topics including any you submit.

Finally useful tips and tricks will include ways to save power without spending money. I will also cover seasonal changes and what that means to you and your home. How to protect your lawn from the cold/heat? I will also answer questions that I get repeatedly so that everyone can benefit.

I know that not all of the information above is for everyone, but if you do find some information that you are curious about go ahead and hit subscribe. If you have any questions feel free to email me: [email protected]


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