Energy-Saving tips for Air Conditioning in Tallahassee

Energy-Saving tips for Air Conditioning in TallahasseeRoughly 60% of your utility bill comes from your heating and cooling system. Living in Florida with hot temps and high humidity means most of us need the AC running around the clock six months out of the year to be comfortable at home. If you want to keep your utility bill manageable, while managing the temperature in the house, read on!

Here are 7 energy-saving tips for air conditioning in Tallahassee:

Regular maintenance for your AC keeps the doctor away. An AC company worth their weight will recommend routine AC maintenance at least twice a year. In Florida, it’s recommended that you have a good air conditioning tune-up two to three times a year to keep everything in good working order. Schedule air conditioning maintenance before the temperature climbs too high in the spring and summer to catch potential problems before you find yourself melting in June with a broken AC.

Check for air leaks. If your doors and windows aren’t sealed, cold air is free to escape out into the wild. Check all your doors and windows for deteriorated caulking or weatherstripping. This is a service that your AC company can do for you when you have regular maintenance performed.

Change your air filters more frequently. During the summer months in Tallahassee, your AC is working hard to keep your house cool. When you’re running the AC more in the summer, it’s wise to change your air filters once a month. A dirty air filter restricts air flow, and your system has to work even harder, which shortens the life span. If you live in an apartment in Tallahassee, check with your landlord to see if they replace you air filters for free every month, many of them do.

Change your thermostat setting during the summer months. When you are gone at work all day, or on vacation, set your thermostat a little higher than you would if you were home. Keeping your AC set a little higher at night will help lower your electric bill also. If you like to sleep in an ice cold room at night, consider switching to lighter bedding during the summer as opposed to lowering the thermostat. If you can close the gap between the outside temperature and the indoor temperature a little, you will see the savings on your monthly bill. If you start setting the thermostat higher when you leave, avoid speed cooling when you get back home. If the AC is set at 79 degrees while you are gone, and you get home and crank it down to 72 degrees, you will overwork your system and risk a complete system failure!

HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Hang blackout curtains in rooms that get full sun. Of course, it’s more inviting to be in a room with plenty of natural light, but desperate times call for blackout drapes. For a reasonable price, you can find various styles of heat-blocking curtains or blinds, and they make a big difference - especially helpful for rooms on an upper level where heat rises.

Find your biggest fan. Okay, maybe not your biggest fan but, ceiling fans and oscillating fans use less energy than your air conditioning system. Fans provide the perfect compliment to your AC and keep the cool air circulating through the room.

Keep your windows and doors closed. This tip may seem obvious, but if your AC is running, keep the doors and windows closed. As your mother always told you, don’t air condition the whole neighborhood! If children are going in and out to play, it’s easy for a door to be left wide open or not close all the way. Gently remind everyone that it’s harder to cool the house down while hot, humid air is flooding in the house.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be sweating profusely in their own home, but breaking the bank cooling your house won’t help. Implement a few of these tips and you will see the difference in your electric bill.


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