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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our air conditioning maintenance plans makes sure your system will run longer and lower your power bills. We provide AC service by well trained and certified techs that will keep your home at your optimum temperature. To ensure peak performance from your unit, and to ward off potential costly repairs, call us now to see which maintenance plan best works for your schedule and budget.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

The life of an AC unit is usually between 12 and 20 years, depending on the quality of the unit and the region where you live. While we cannot control the year-round heat in this region, our air conditioning maintenance can help your unit last as long as possible. No matter what make or model your central air conditioning is, we have the skills to keep it running right. If you maintain the unit properly, it will last longer and run more efficiently. Call us today and let us come out and take a look at your AC.

Air conditioning maintenance consists of several different services. As an air conditioning contractor, we can help you keep the filters clean, the pipes clear, and the lines flushed out. The coils in the air handler need to stay clean as well. All these things will keep your power bills lower and the air blowing cooler. They will also make it far less likely that your unit will require repairs any time during its expected life. We are ready to help you with any repairs that are needed, of course, but our air conditioning maintenance services are less expensive than repairs. Good maintenance can also squeeze out as many years as possible before you need a replacement. Let us help you beat the heat this summer and all year long.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Company

When you are looking for an air conditioning maintenance company, you want someone you can trust and rely on. You can trust us because every member of our team is certified by well-known national training facilities. We also continue to train on all the latest technologies so that we can handle every make and model out there. We also do background checks and require a drug test on every member of our team. When our marked van pulls up to your home, the tech that knocks on your door will be wearing a name tag and uniform. We do all these things for your peace of mind. You can trust us, so call right now!

When you do call us, there are several things you can count on. First, no matter what time of the night it is, your call will be answered by a professional air conditioning contractor. Next, we will send a truck right away, even on weekends and holidays. Third, you will not get ripped off by an “after hours fee.” We work for you in every way, so do not hesitate to contact us when you need air conditioning maintenance.

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We provide air conditioning maintenance in Tallahassee, Bainbridge, Quincy, and surrounding areas.

Air ConditioningAir Conditioning

With the latest, most advanced HVAC equipment and a highly experienced staff, we have the tools to handle any heating or air conditioning task, big or small, residential or commercial.

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